Our Board of Directors

Board of Directors Prison Fellowship Bermuda

From left to right
  • Edward ‘Icewater’ Smith (Chairman)
  • Wendell ‘Scopsie’ Hassell
  • Sheridan Scotton
  • Muriel Archer
  • Principal Officer Shaun Bailey
  • Grenell Stocks
Missing from photo
  • Chief Officer Charles Wilkinson
  • Wayne Swan
  • Lauralette Virgil
  • Jacqui Basden

Prison Fellowship and the importance of forgiveness. Ms Landy learned the importance of forgiveness and the value in staying connected when loved ones go to prison so you can offer support and encouragement. Read the full story in the Royal Gazette

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CableVision Community Service Award recognises husband and wife crime counsellors who have supported both the victims and perpetrators of crime through the Bermuda Prison Fellowship. Read the full story in the Royal Gazette

From a prison cell to author poet –Karla Trott’s journey Second chances aren’t always easy to come by in this world.

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Programme reaches one prisoner at a time. Read how PFB helped a maximum security inmate.

Restorative Justice
PFI's Centre for Justice and Reconciliation promotes restorative justice initiatives that work to heal broken relationships, repair the damage done by crime and restore the offender to a meaningful role in society. More...

RJ newsletter for Winter 2013/4

For more information: email info@pfb.bm or telephone 295 9462.